: Burnley Tunnel
: Melbourne, Victoria
: Transurban
: Transfield-Obayashi Joint Venture
: $2 Billion
: 2002

Project Profile

Burnley Tunnel required additional work due to considerable design modifications during the initial construction. The 3.4 and 1.6 km three lane tunnels allow traffic to bypass the centre of Melbourne by joining two existing freeways from the east and west.

SF Scope Of Work

StrongForce installed 101 passive permanent rock anchors at selected locations in one of the motorway tunnels. Anchors were installed into rock with significant water pressure present requiring considerable engineering and planning to devise a System ensuring no water leaked into the tunnel. This work was carried out in night shift work to allow minimal impact on traffic conditions. A semi trailer pre-assembled with a drilling rig and grouting equipment was used as a working platform for quick and efficient movement into, along and out of the tunnel each shift. The work was completed ahead of schedule and satisfying the toughest of QA requirements.