StrongForce is a multi-national construction company specialising in post-tensioning and engineering services. With a strong focus on project delivery our highly skilled and diverse team are currently operating in the public and private sectors in over ten countries. Recognised as a market leader, StrongForce brings 25 years of specialist experience to the construction industry.

The key to our success and sustainable growth is the ability to give our clients the ultimate experience by providing a full range of post-tensioning services. Our in-house design and construction experts provide clients with a clear and direct line of communication that guarantees exceptional project delivery. Our highly skilled and dedicated team offer a range of premium construction services, including but not limited to:

Engineering Services :

  • Concept and preliminary design input
  • Building analysis and design
  • Design of post-tensioned foundation structures
  • Value engineering to civil and commercial structures
  • Alternative post tension and conventional reinforcement solutions
  • Drafting and shop drawing services
  • Cost-benefit analysis of various structural arrangements
  • Structural feasibility studies
  • Onsite supervision services
  • Remedial Engineering

Construction Services :

  • Supply of onsite project management and site supervision
  • Supply of post tension labour
  • Supply of post tension plant and materials
  • Execution of post tension works complying to StrongForce's QA/QC procedures
  • Remedial Works

The StrongForce Slab Post-Tensioning System is used in a variety of residential and commercial structures. Our system offers substantial savings over conventionally reinforced concrete in the areas of material reductions, installation costs and reduced construction time. Our system offers opportunities for much larger spans and provides significant performance benefits in:

  • Commercial and residential high rise structures
  • Single and multi-storey car parks
  • Hospitals and government buildings
  • Shopping Centres and mixed-use developments

We also offer heavy lifting solutions for many applications including replacing bridge bearings, testing piles and pre-stressing columns.