Naluchi Cable Stayed Bridge

: Naluchi Cable Stayed Bridge
: Naluchi, Pakistan
: Ghulam Rasool & Company
: US $250 Million

Project Profile

Naluchi Cable Stayed Bridge is Pakistan's first extra dosed cable stayed bridge. Ghulam Rasool & Company Private Limited (GRC) executed the main contract works with a consortium of foreign and domestic sub-contracting specialists including Strongforce Pakistan. The project consists of 473 m long bridge portion and 452 m approach roads. The Work Breakdown Structure of the project has been divided into following parts: East Side Approach Viaduct Earth Quake Memorial Bridge West Side Approach Viaducts.

SF Scope Of Work

Naluchi Cable Stayed Bridge was constructed using a cable stayed system with post tension segmental box girders. Using the Strongforce multi-strand system, up to 19 strand 15.24mm tendons where installed in the segmental box girders using a cantilever system from the bridge towers which were acting as the primary load-bearing structures which transmit the bridge loads to the ground. Strongforce also executed the post tension scope for the bridge decks comprising of 15.24mm tendons up to 12 strands per tendon, this was to provide extra strengthening to the deck slab which is required to resist the horizontal compression loads due to the main cables pulling sideways from the bridge towers.