Eastern Mangroves

: Eastern Mangroves, Agsana Resort & Spa
: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
: Leightons Contracting / BrookField Multiplex
: AED 1.1 Billion

Project Profile

Located on the outskirts of the Abu Dhabi CBD, this eco friendly mixed use development will offer guests a unique experience. With four buildings covering 185,000 m² the Resort and Spa will include residential living, hotel resort & spa, luxury apartments, restaurants & a variety of retail outlets.

SF Scope Of Work

Originally considered as a conventionally designed concrete frame Strongforce provided a redesign of the sub and super-structure to offer a complete post tension solution. Converting the raft slab to post tension and reducing the slab thickness by 50% the client benefited from a direct material saving of over 12,000 m³ concrete in the raft slab alone along with substantial savings by reducing steel reinforcement quantities. The super-structure was also converted to a post tension flat plate solution, reducing the buildings overall dead weight which in turn allowed the elimination of 220 piles and reduced a further 180 pile caps.