kabel river bridge

: Kabel River BridgeM1 Motorway
: Peshawar Islamabad,Pakistan
: National Highway Authority
: Descon Engineering (Pvt) Ltd
: USD 15.3 Million

Project Profile

Commissioned by the National Highway Authority (NHA) the Kabel river bridge was part of a major highway upgrade development between Peshawar & Islamabad to accommodate the growing demand for traffic in the region. Upon successful completion of the project in May 2007 the bridge reached a total length of 1.14 km.

SF Scope Of Work

Comprising of two carriageways containing 45m long post tension precast launched P.C girders with post tension diaphragms. Strongforce scope of work included the supply of equipment, material and supervision to carry out the installation, stressing, grouting and complete management of all post tension works for the suspended highway structure. SF also provided technical assistance for the overall construction of the project.