Monostrand System

Clients and consultants need to provide a high level of structural flexibility to meet the ever-changing architectural requirements. Post-tensioning provides greater spans with reduced structural beam depths, producing larger column-free areas. As a result, internal layouts are not dictated by tight column grids. Positive deflection and crack control and, if necessary, joint-free watertight slabs,free designers from the limitations of traditional reinforced concrete structures.

StrongForce post-tensioning is more economical than other systems, especially when fast construction cycles are envisaged. There is less material handling on site and a reduced labor force, minimizing site congestion. Most importantly, there is the premium service provided by StrongForce’s specialised highly skilled and specialised teams.

The StrongForce Mono-strand slab system has been used in many prestigious civil, commercial and residential structures in the private and public sector. The system uses up to five strands contained in flat-shaped ducting and anchorages. Strands are individually stressed and gripped by wedge action. After stressing, the duct is filled with a cement grout that fully bonds the strands to the surrounding concrete.