super highway

: Islamabad- Riwat Super Highway Sector 6-14
: Kurang River, Islamabad-Riwat, Pakistan
: Capital Development Authority
: M.A.Aleem Khan &Sons (Pvt) Ltd
: USD 7.5 Million

Project Profile

Due to growing traffic demand the already constructed single carriageway was upgraded with the construction of a second carriageway. M.A.Aleem Khan & Sons was awarded the main contract for the upgrade between sectors 6-14, the scope included the D & 8 of 4 post tension bridges comprising of 30m- 48m post tension pre-cast P.0 girders including deck slabs.

SF Scope Of Work

Included supply of equipment, material & supervision for the installation of all post tension girders for the project. SF were also contracted on a consultant basis to provide technical assistance for the construction of the entire bridge package.