Value Engineering and consulting services

Since 1986, StrongForce has provided consulting services to Project Managers, Architects, top tier contractors and consulting firms worldwide. We are most often called upon to consult on the design of special structures, bridges and buildings, particularly when the projects complexity demands an in-depth understanding of the structural concepts involved. We have extensive experience in similar projects, and access to the latest design tools to provide our clients with the most practical and economical design solutions. StrongForce frequently engages in joint project designs with consultants overseas as part of technology transfer programs. The scope of our consulting engagements ranges from the complete design of structures to the design of the post-tensioned members only.

StrongForce’s design consulting expertise includes:

Building Structures :

  • Concrete buildings and parking structures
  • Podium slabs, deep transfer slabs and beams
  • Mild reinforced and post-tensioned
  • Mat and post-tensioned slab on grade foundations

Bridge Structures :

  • Precast-prestressed spliced girders with topping slabs
  • Curved box girder
  • Balanced cantilever
  • Span-by-span
  • Incrementally launched

More information on the construction can be found on our Bridges page.