Brisbane International Airport – Australia

StrongForce provides a full range of design and construct post tension services for all types of buildings and commercial structures.

StrongForce’s Post Tension Services include feasibility studies through to the detailed design and full execution of the on-site system application. Preliminary design information is provided at the conceptual design stage to refine the concrete floor system and allow detailed planning of the structures foundation loads and vertical members.

Detailed design suitable for construction is then carried out in full compliance to the design criteria, while ensuring optimization of savings through material reductions and improving the structures buildability through simplified formwork systems, allowing accelerated construction cycles.

The on-site system application of the SF Slab System including all post tension materials and specialist equipment is provided along with an experienced and qualified site team made up of project managers, site engineers, supervisors and technicians in compliance with our QHSE procedures.

Bluewater Shopping Centre – United Kingdom

Post Tensioning in building structures offers significant performance benefits:

Post Tensioning offers reduced slab thicknesses, increased spans, and removal of several beams and drop panels resulting in substantially reduced material costs. The reduction in size of the structural elements reduce the loads on the foundation. This in turn minimises the foundation and piling requirements, further adding to the material savings associated by utilizing StrongForce’s Post Tension System.

The reduced floor thicknesses offer a greater floor to ceiling height, providing better access for mechanical engineering services, and allowing the architectural design more space and freedom. Post Tensioned floor slabs also offer greater performance benefits including improvements to fire resistance, sound transmission, floor stiffness, deflection and crack control.

In addition to the material savings and design efficiency, post tension slabs can offer improved constructability through the reduction of cranage time with less materials to place, and accelerated construction programs through simplified formwork systems, faster formwork removal and reduced back propping requirements.

Post Tension therefore is one of the most cost-effective and buildable design solutions that can be applied to cast in situ structures offering a more slender and stronger concrete frame.

Key Advantages of StrongForce’s Post Tension System:

  • Thinner, lighter floor slabs, reduced weight of structure and foundation requirements, substantially reduced material costs.
  • More Architectural freedom, increased ceiling heights, larger spans, reduced columns, beams and slab dimensions.
  • Improved constructability, reduced crane time, faster formwork and slab cycles, shorter construction programme.

Work To Date - 23.50 Million Square Metres

Address Boulevard Hotel

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 109,000 Square Metres

Heathrow Terminal 5 Multi-Strory Carpark

Heathrow, United Kingdom 95,000 Square Metres

Central Plaza One

Brisbane, Australia 81,000 Square Metres

Meydan One Mall

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 435,000 Square Metres

Riparian Plaza

Brisbane, Australia 76,000 Square Metres

The Strand Mall

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 82,000 Square Metres