Civil & Infrastructure

StrongForce has extensive knowledge and experience in civil projects using its post tensioned systems, including bridges and special structures.

StrongForce has provided its clients with engineering and on-site system applications for over 400 civil structures worldwide.

Post tensioned structures enjoy the benefit of longer spans, thinner structures, faster construction methods and a higher grade of durability and can be applied in multiple applications to:

  • Road interchanges and flyovers
  • Rail bridges
  •  Airport infrastructure
  •  Precast sentimental structures
  • Large containment structures

StrongForce provides a full range of Design and Construct Services, including feasibility studies, detailed design and full execution of the on-site system.

Preliminary design information is provided at the conceptual design stage to refine the structure and allow detailed planning of the structure’s foundation loads and vertical members.

Detailed design suitable for construction is then carried out in full compliance to the design criteria, while ensuring optimization of savings through material reductions and improving the structures buildability and accelerating construction cycles.

The on-site system application includes the supply of all post tension materials and specialist equipment and is undertaken by an experienced and qualified site team made up of project managers, site engineers, supervisors and technicians.

Advantages Of StrongForce Services

  • A cost-effective and environmentally friendly form of construction compared to traditional methods, substantially reducing a structures carbon footprint by minimising construction material requirements
  • Improves the structure over a wide range of conditions allowing more flexibility in the layout of span lengths, bent configurations and roadway geometrics.
  • Using post tension technology allows for longer pier spans and a reduction in structural depth which improves the buildability.
  • Accelerated construction methods with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.
  • Reduced maintenance costs through enhanced performance and durability of the structure.
  • Superior aesthetic expression of the structure.