Structural Repair

StrongForce, through its subsidiary, ‘Venus Engineering’ provides full engineering, design and installation works associated with the strengthening, repair and remediation of all kinds of buildings, civil and other specialised structures.

StrongForce offers a turnkey solution with strengthening and repair, including desktop investigations and reports, full on-site structural investigation and testing, design and engineering of an appropriate solution, and the execution of any required strengthening, concrete repair, remodeling, rehabilitation construction/reconstruction of any structure. StrongForce’s Strengthening, Repair and Remedial Services can be performed at any time in a building’s life from completed or older structures and structures still under construction.

Combining the joint expertise of Venus Engineering as a Strengthening Specialist and StrongForce in Post Tensioning, StrongForce Group is one of few companies that can undertake the design/modification and/or repair of Post Tensioned structures in-house.

Jewel of The Creek – United Arab Emirates

StrongForce’s Specialist Engineering Services include:

  • On-site investigation and assessment of all structures including testing as required and production of report on the status and stability of the structure
  • Structural diagnosis including the identification of any problems with the structure requiring remodeling, rehabilitation or repair and associated recommendations and design
  • Remodeling of a structures design to incorporate design changes during construction after elements have been completed on site
  • Incorporation of techniques that can be employed and included in a design to enable a structure to be modified more easily at a later date

StrongForce can Design, Supply and Install all types of Strengthening Materials and Systems including:

  • CFRP Carbon fiber composite polymer strips, wraps, rods and anchors
  • GFRP Glass fiber Composite Polymer
  • Concrete Thickening, Jacketing and structural member enlargement using Micro-Concrete and other High Strength cementitious materials
  • Fire Protection System application and Fire Stop Sealants

StrongForce’s Concrete and Structural Repair Services include:

  • Patch repair and resurfacing
  • Structural repair using of high strength repair mortars
  • Dry process of Shotcrete
  • Injection Works, including the treatment of Dry Structural Cracks as well as Leaking Cracks
  • Treatment of Expansion Joints

StrongForce has systems and techniques for the treatment and protection of Steel Reinforcement including the utilization of:

  • Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors for Concrete Durability
  • Protective Coatings