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StrongForce provides a full range of design and construct post tension services for all types of buildings and commercial structures.

StrongForce’s Post Tension Services include feasibility studies through to the detailed design and full execution of the on-site system application. Preliminary design information is provided at the conceptual design stage to refine the concrete floor system and allow detailed planning of the structures foundation loads and vertical members.

Naluchi Bridge - Pakistan

Civil & Infrastructure

StrongForce has extensive knowledge and experience in civil projects using its post tensioned systems, including bridges and special structures.

StrongForce has provided its clients with engineering and on-site system applications for over 400 civil structures worldwide.

Starfish Hill Windfarm – Australia

Ground Engineering

StrongForce’s Ground Engineering Services specialise in the design and construction of face stabilization systems.

These systems include a range of temporary and permanent ground anchors, grouting, micro-piling and the application of shotcrete. The face stabilization systems have been used with great success in diverse ground conditions ranging from fragmented sandstone, to compacted sands, stiff clays, marine mud and fractured shale.

Jewel of The Creek – United Arab Emirates

Structural Repair

StrongForce, through its subsidiary, ‘Venus Engineering’ provides full engineering, design and installation works associated with the strengthening, repair and remediation of all kinds of buildings, civil and other specialised structures.

StrongForce offers a turnkey solution with strengthening and repair, including desktop investigations and reports, full on-site structural investigation and testing, design and engineering of an appropriate solution, and the execution of any required strengthening, concrete repair, remodeling, rehabilitation construction/reconstruction of any structure. StrongForce’s Strengthening, Repair and Remedial Services can be performed at any time in a building’s life from completed or older structures and structures still under construction.

Q1 – Australia

Heavy Lifting

StrongForce can undertake a range of Heavy Lifting Services using its specialized equipment and expertise.

Heavy lifting is often required when structures are assembled as prefabricated parts which then have to be lifted into position after completion. It’s also commonly required for bridge maintenance and replacement of bearing devices.

Cooya Beach Water Tank – Australia

Tanks & Silos

StrongForce provides design and construct post tension solutions for tank and silo structures.

These can be optimized by inducing compressive stresses into the structure’s vertical members, eliminating or reducing crack widths to provide an effective containment of the structure’s contents.