Expo 2020 major infrastructure package on track for completion ahead of program.

July, 2019

With the site works in full swing, Strongforce have now successfully completed 16 of the 20 bridges on Package 2 of the Expo 2020 roading upgrades. To date over 1,000 ton of post tension strand has been installed at an average of 120 ton per month, with multi-strand tendons reaching up to 210 metres in length.

Initially set for completion November 2019, the project’s revised program has been pushed forward for a September 2019 completion.
Providing project planning, technical detailing and onsite specialist works for the full post tension scope, StrongForce has been a major contributor in ensuring main contractor “China State” was able to accelerate works on the initial project program buy over 8 weeks, bringing the project in well ahead of program.

With Expo 2020 expecting over 25 million visitors, the infrastructure will play a critical role in the urban planning of the mega scale development by providing public access to the Expo 2020 pavilions.

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